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Paintless dent repair (PDR) - Also known as "Paintless Dent Removal", is a technique for removing dents from the body of a vehicle, as long as the paint surface is intact and the dent isn't extremely sharp. This method is commonly used to fix hail damage, door dings, creases and minor collision damage.

Why PDR?

This convenient service can be performed as a mobile repair or at our shop. Because there is no need to grind, sand and repaint your vehicle, most repairs can be completed faster than conventional auto body methods. You don't have to worry about body fillers, corrosion, mismatched paint, over-spray, clear coat peeling/fading or any other concerns you might have with conventional body repair.

How does PDR work?

Our certified technician(s) will gain access to the inside of the damaged panel by removing trim pieces or through window openings. Our technician(s) will then use specialized tools to push the damage out from the inside. As they massage the dent out slowly, it will get smaller until it disappears completely.

What can PDR fix?

Dents, door dings, creases, hail damage and minor collision damage can all be fixed, provided that the paint hasn't been cracked and the dents aren't extremely sharp. Aluminum panels and plastic bumper covers can also be repaired! Paintless dent repair works best on panels that have not had prior body work performed on them.

Are there benefits in choosing PDR?

Unlike traditional dent removal methods, PDR does not rely on harmful chemicals. Besides being environmentally friendly, it can also be pocket friendly as it is more affordable than traditional "dent removal" techniques. Depending on the severity of the damage, it might also provide for a quicker solution. Your car won't lose its value either! As a matter of fact, it might even increase its overall value due to the fact that paintless dent repair is essentially restoring your vehicle back to its factory finish. It'll be looking like it just came out of the showroom floor in no time. 

How long does paintless dent repair really take?

Most paintless dent repair shops will tell you they can be completed the same day but in reality, you have to consider the severity of the damage; the size, the amount and where they're located at. Hail damaged vehicles usually take a few days (sometimes weeks) to completely restore, whereas a couple door dings can be completed the same day.

Paintless Dent Repair vs. Conventional Dent Repair

The best way to understand the difference between paintless dent repair and conventional dent repair is thinking of it as "natural vs unnatural". The PDR method of fixing dents actually addresses the problem areas, whereas the conventional dent repair method does not. They would need to sand off the paint, attempt to "put it back into place", fill in the dents then paint it to match the rest of the vehicle's exterior. These long process is what generally makes them so expensive. PDR also doesn't rely on often environmentally harmful chemicals and it's more affordable if you ever have to pay out of pocket. Depending on the severity of the damage, it can provide a quicker but longer lasting solution for your damaged vehicle.

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