Hail Damage

R  E  P  A  I  R

Heizer Hail Repair works with all insurance providers and we guarantee your satisfaction as we stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle 

Can't I just sell my hail damaged car?

Since your vehicle has hail damage, you'll have to keep in mind that its value will decline significantly. Getting your repairs with us through your insurance company can usually cost you zero out of pocket. We'll work with your insurance company on your behalf to make sure your vehicle can get repaired properly.

What can be fixed?

Small to medium hail damage can be fixed with no problem. For larger damages, we'll have to look at it to see if the metal has been stretched out and if the paint is still intact. Aluminum panels and plastic bumper covers can also be repaired.

How do you fix hail damage?

We use PDR to fix your hail damaged vehicle. This method eliminates the need to grind, sand and repaint your vehicle so most repairs can be completed faster than conventional auto body methods. You don't have to worry about body fillers, corrosion, mismatched paint, over-spray, clear coat peeling/fading or any other concerns you might have with conventional body repair. Keep in mind that paintless dent repair method works best on panels that have not had prior body work performed on them.

Hail size & damage estimate guide

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