Getting your car wrapped

How does it work?

A thin layer of high quality vinyl gets placed over your car for decoration. They're computer designed, so you can put any text or images you want on your vehicle. 

Benefits of Vinyl Wraps

• Safe

• Cost effective

• Enhanced looks

• Fully customizable

• Pocket friendly

If you're looking to get your car customized, or maybe you just want to add a "small but new touch" to your vehicle, you'll find that getting a vinyl wrap might be the better option. It cost a lot less than getting a new paint job or buying a new car. You can also think of it as a big, protective sticker for your vehicle that "repairs" its aging exterior. Vinyl wraps can also hide surface scratches and tiny rock chips as it acts like a "skin on top of your vehicle"

Car Wrap myth: Paint Destroyer

Take care of your wrap like it's the original paint

While vinyl wraps act like a big, protective "skin" over your vehicle, it doesn't necessarily protect it from paint damage that was already done. If your current paint is old, damaged, patched or rusted, there's a huge chance that vinyl wrapping will pull the clear coat and paint once you do decide to get it removed. Either way, a professionals are sure to perform pre-wrap inspection to verify if your vehicle can be wrapped.

Maintenance for vinyl wraps

Vinyl wraps can last 5 to 7 years with proper maintenance

While using a soft cloth to wash your wrap is the main way to go about cleaning your vehicle, some might see that as "time consuming" and would rather take it through a drive-through car wash. While that sounds like a good idea, it really is not. With the high pressure car washes use, you risk peeling the vinyl, creating bubbles underneath or even fading. Some people may tell you, you need a handful of product to really take care of your wrap, but in reality, all you need is a soft cloth and water to clean off dirt, a silicone squeegee to remove water and a clean microfiber to dry it off. 

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