Getting Paint Protection Film

How does it work?

The urethane film that gets applied on your vehicle is resistance to corrosion and acidic contaminants. Think of it as an "invisible" shield that can protect your vehicle from road debris, small rock chips, etching from bird droppings and UV rays that causes fading, eventually lowering your vehicle's overall value.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

• Adds overall value

• Long term paint protection

• High impact resistance

• Chemical stain resistance

A PPF can provide protection for your vehicle on high impact areas from road debris and rock chips. It can also keep your vehicle looking better for longer. The film is resistant to corrosion and acidic contaminants. It essentially creates a shield from chemical stains and etching caused by bug splatter, bird droppings or mineral deposits and acid rain. It also keeps your paint from fading caused by harmful UV rays. Not to be confused by vinyl wraps that only acts as a "skin" rather than a "shield.

PPF myth: A magical Protection

Getting PPF doesn't mean stop maintaining your vehicle

Despite the benefits of paint protection film it isn't a magic answer to getting out maintaining your vehicle. Rocks can still puncture your paint protection film if hit hard enough and letting bird droppings or bug splatter sit on it for a long time can damage the protective film. Think of it as a semi-permanent installation that last 7 to 10 years on average, but it can removed and replaced anytime, in any case it gets damaged.

Ceramic coating vs. PPF

Paint protection film is always better than ceramic coating

Being that the reason why people get Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating is for its protection ability, PPF offers superior physical protection, as it has the thickness and durability to protect the car paint from scratches, stone chips, and other external elements. A couple things that affects that factor is the thickness of the material, its composition and how its applied. A ceramic coating is either applied as liquid and wiped on, or it gets sprayed on. PPF on the other hand is a thermoplastic that molds to fit the entire surface of the vehicle. After all, its hard to see inconsistency on liquid.

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